NaboGo: driving together in Roskilde

Do you commute to AU Roskilde? Share or find a ride in the new Roskilde-wide initiative.


Now we drive together in Roskilde

In 19 out of 20 cars during rush hour, cars only contain one person. This burdens the climate and creates congestion.

But when we drive together, we become part of the solution and we create more transportation options.
This is why we have partnered up with NaboGo! With NaboGo we can offer all of our students and staff an easy and inexpensive way of getting to work and school.

Aarhus University and Roskilde Kommune want to be part of leading the way to a green transition, where the educational institutions take responsibility – i.e. by offering environmentally friendly transportation for students and staff.

NaboGo is carpooling integrated with public transport and the App is free! Read more here: