Welcome back from Summer holiday

Dear All

With the end of the school summer holidays, many of us have now returned to work. I hope you all enjoyed the summer and relaxed despite the restrictions Covid19 and the Danish weather placed on our holiday opportunities.

When you go to beaches or walk around in the cities during these summer days, there are quite a few people and often very few signs that there is still a pandemic. I would like to remind you that the corona virus is still out there, and as you know, infection rates have been rising during the last weeks – in particular in Aarhus. It is therefore important to maintain the good habits we all got in connection with and after the spring lockdown:

  • Wash / sanitize your hands on arrival at campus and frequently during the day
  • Disinfect surfaces which you touch – both in your office and in communal spaces
  • Keep your distance to others – at least one meter, and two meters in case of increased risk of droplet infection

In addition to the fact that we have encouraged employees residing in Aarhus to work from home for the next two weeks as much as possible, we now expect a return to normal working conditions except from any physical meetings in Aarhus during the next couple of weeks. They will likely be changed to virtual meetings.

In the management group, we encouraged you before the summer holidays to send us your experiences from the corona lockdown, so we can assess disadvantages and especially advantages of the different ways of working (work from home, zoom, etc.) and bring the best with us in the department in the future. We will look at this in the near future, but for now, you will have to work in our workplace as usual (except in Aarhus and those of you living in Aarhus), unless otherwise agreed with your nearest leader.

Welcome back.


Peter Henriksen