New measures to limit the spread of the corona virus

Dear Aarhus University employee,


As I’m sure you’re aware, the coronavirus outbreak in Denmark right now is a serious situation. As an educational and state institution, we have a special responsibility to do our part to limit the spread of the virus, which is the government's very clear focus right now.

To live up to our responsibility, we have decided to introduce a number of measures that will be described below.

If you have any symptoms that can be attributed to the coronavirus, you must immediately contact your own doctor by phone and follow his or her recommendations. If you have had or are in close contact with someone who has a coronavirus infection, you must also contact your own doctor by telephone and follow his or her recommendations. 

As a university, it is crucial that we continue to perform our core activities to the greatest extent possible in relation to society, education, research and public sector consultancy.

For the moment, the university’s five faculties will continue to carry out planned teaching activities, both in relation to classes and exams. However, there is one exception: medical Master’s degree students must not participate in physical lectures and classroom instruction at the university hospital. For the time being, this will apply for the month of March. Read more here

We will also keep libraries, study spaces and cafeterias open for the time being. We are doing so to make sure that students have access to study spaces. However, we strongly emphasise that users of these facilities must show consideration for each other, for example by maintaining social distance and washing or disinfecting their hands when entering and leaving the room. In this way, we can contribute to limiting the spread of the virus.

Digital teaching platforms

We are preparing for the eventuality that we will be unable to conduct teaching as usual, and are in the process of setting up digital teaching solutions that will enable remote teaching. We expect to be able to introduce remote teaching for the majority of teaching activities in a very short time in the event that this becomes necessary.


Research activities at the departments and centres will continue as usual at present. If the situation makes this impossible for you, inform your immediate supervisor.

Events including conferences and seminars

Effective immediately and until further notice, events such as conferences and seminars will only be held if they are critical to the core activities education, research and consultancy.

Events that are not critical to education, research and consultancy must be cancelled or postponed. This also applies to events with under 1000 participants, and to events organised by Aarhus University as well as events held at Aarhus University by external organisers. If you are in doubt about whether an event for which you are responsible as an employee should be held, you must discuss and clarify this with your immediate supervisor.

If an event is considered critical to education, research or consultancy and should be held for that reason, the authorities’ instructions regarding the necessary precautions must be followed carefully (link to Please note that naturally, the authorities’ recommendation not to hold events with over 1000 participants must still be followed in all cases.

As a natural consequence of these precautions, social events at the university should be cancelled or postponed. If you are in doubt about whether an event should be cancelled or postponed, discuss and clarify this with your immediate supervisor.

We are already seeing that many participants in events at the university are cancelling, just as there are external speakers and partners who do not wish to visit the university under the current circumstances.

We encourage all employees to exercise caution in relation to what work-related activities you participate in. If an activity is not critical to education, research or consultancy, as a general rule, you should refrain from participating.

Work-related travel abroad

For the time being, all work-related travel abroad should be postponed or cancelled. This applies to work-related trips to all countries. This may seem drastic, but we are introducing this measure to limit the spread of infection to and from Denmark.
Until further notice, there will be no travel abroad for administrative employees and members of management.

Domestic work-related travel

Aarhus University advises employees and students to follow the government’s instructions regarding public transportation carefully.

Study trips

Teaching staff and students should cancel any study trips for the time being.

Transportation to and from the university

Aarhus University advises employees and students to follow the government’s instructions regarding public transportation carefully.

Non-work-related travel

The University advises employees to comply with the Danish authorities’ recommendations concerning trips to other countries.

Task force

We have a corona task force at the university that is monitoring the situation closely, and which is in regular contact with the other Danish universities.


On behalf of the senior management team,


Arnold Boon, Berit Eika and Brian Bech Nielsen