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Pre-registration of holidays 2021

Dear all,

Not yet planned ordinary days of holiday for the holiday period ending 31 December 2021 must be registered in ProMark by 14 September at the latest.
Holidays earned in August (2.08 days) must also be pre-registered prior to this deadline, but you cannot see these days or register them before 13 September.

If you have not pre-registered your ordinary days of holiday by 14 September, you will be notified to take them in predetermined weeks.

What you must do

You must pre-register all your ordinary days of holiday in Promark for the rest of the year. This must be completed by 14 September at the latest. By doing this, you make it visible to your immediate supervisor and  management that you will take your holidays before the deadline on 31 December. Specifically, this means that you must pre-register all the ordinary days of holiday visible in ProMark as of 13 September on specific days for the rest of the year. Pre-registered holidays can only be changed in agreement with your immediate supervisor. It is still possible to transfer up to 5 days on 31 December to the next holiday period, but only with the approval of your immediate supervisor, cc Winnie/Hanne/Ninna. If this is agreed upon, 5 days can remain unregistered by 14 September.

A large amount of days of holiday remain to be taken in the department. It is important that they be taken as it otherwise entails a huge expense to our department. As previously announced, it is not so important when you take your days of holiday as long as you do take them. In order for us to monitor the progress in this and ensure that we do not end up with days of holiday that cannot be taken, it is important that all holiday is planned and pre-registered. We are flexible when it comes to the timing of employees' holidays, as our only purpose is to ensure that you use your days of holiday.

You earn 2.08 days of holiday each month in the period 1 September – 31 August, a total of 25 days annually. You have 16 months to take these earned days of holiday – in the holiday period 1 September to 31 December the following year.

Thus, all holiday earned, including August, must be taken by 31 December, when the holiday year ends. In this first year after the new Holiday Act, you may have up to 16.64 days transferred from the small holiday year + 25 ordinary days of holiday from this year – but some of you have less, if you have not transferred holidays or have not been employed long enough to earn the full 25 days this year.

All the days of holiday you have earned from 1 September 2020 to July 2021 are visible in ProMark. They must be taken by 31 December at the latest and pre-registered by  14 September at the latest. The 2.08 days you earn in August must also be taken by 31 December at the latest – but you ca not see these in ProMark  till 13 September. They must also be pre-registered by 14 September at the latest.

Further information and help
You can always check your holiday balance here: (you need to log on to AU)

You are also welcome to contact Ninna, Winnie or Hanne for help regarding your holidays.