Peter Tyack will receive AU Honorary Doctorate

Dear colleagues

It is a pleasure to announce that Professor Peter Tyack, Univ. St. Andrews and Woods Hole Institute of Oceanography, will be awarded Honorary Doctorate (Æresdoktor) at Aarhus University in connection to Årsfesten, September 10th:

The award is based on a joint recommendation from me and Professor Peter T. Madsen, Dept. of Biology. Both Peter and I have worked and published with Tyack for the last two decades on the topic of effects of underwater noise on marine mammals. Tyack is the leading figure in this field and has made a tremendous push for science-based regulation of underwater noise. It is thus very appropriate that he is awarded this honorary doctorate as a joint TECH-NAT doctorate. He will be in Aarhus between the 8th and the 14th of September, and he will give a talk on Monday September 13 titled: How does naval sonar kill beaked whales and how can this be prevented?, as announced in the attached (information on location will follow). All are of course most welcome.

Best regards