Information from the IT Support

As part of limiting the spreading of the Corona virus, we have all been asked to work at home. The IT support has maintained emergency preparedness at Campus Aarhus, Foulum and Roskilde, but it is recommended that users do not show up physically, but as far as possible call or write to the help desk:  (here you will find both phone numbers and email addresses for help desks) . The remaining supporters work from home so it is not because we are less people than usual and your tasks are distributed to them as well.

You can access several things from home, for example, mail or webmail without using VPN, but if for example you need to access common or personal drives or other closed systems in AU, the VPN must be used.

However, VPN is already under pressure, so please limit your use (

For instructions of how to access the various systems, e.g. VPN, webmail and more:  (

Please also note that goods ordered in our webshop cannot be delivered to AU. Tracing the goods can be a major challenge for us later on, so help our logistics department by waiting to order goods as far as possible, until the Coronavirus situation has normalized.