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Holiday 2021

Dear all,

Every year, as we approach the end of the holiday period, many of you have not yet taken all your days of holiday, which entails a huge expense for our department.

It is hereby notified that all employees are expected to take three weeks (15 days) of holiday during the main holiday period (1 May to 30 September) unless otherwise agreed with your nearest manager (cc. ProMark secretary Winnie, Hanne or Ninna).
We are flexible when it comes to employees' holidays as our only purpose is to ensure that you use your days of holiday.

You cannot register your planned holiday in Promark in advance as the system cannot handle days of holidays that you have not yet earned. You will receive more information on how to register your holiday plans later.

You can disregard this notice if you have not earned 15 days of holiday as we cannot require employees to take more days of holiday than they have earned. You still have the right to take 5 weeks of holiday per year.

Also, it is notified that you must use your special holidays before 1 May. It is, however, possible to transfer up to 5 days to the next holiday year (for the special holidays the holiday year still runs from 1 May to 30 April).

These two notices apply despite corona restrictions and any limitations that these may pose to your holiday plans.

You can follow your earned holiday/special holiday here:

More information about holiday:

Please contact Winnie, Hanne or Ninna if you have any  questions.

/Helene Nyegaard Hvid