Department of Ecoscience News from the management

Have a great summer holiday

Dear all,

The summer holiday is only minutes away, and many of you have already replaced the office chair with the hammock and beach chair.

It has been a busy year with both big changes and successes.
We are moving towards second half of 2021 where we are to really launch ourselves as a new department, with a new strategy and name, which we together are to get the very best out of.
Furthermore, changes are coming in both Kalø and Silkeborg’s moving in to Aarhus and the renovation of Roskilde, and although it is a difficult and wistful process, we look forward to many new and good opportunities, exciting projects and events.

We in the Management are impressed with your commitment and great effort. There is no doubt that you are passionate about your work, and want us to develop and become even stronger together.
Whether it is in the research, field, laboratory or office, your knowledge, ambitions and fighting spirits really show, and we can clearly feel it in the Management.
A big and heartfelt thank you to you all!

We wish you all a great and well deserved summer holiday, and we are looking forward to starting our work again on the other side of the holiday.

Warm summer greetings from the Management in BIOS
Ole, Mikkel, John, Flemming og Helene