Happy New Year - welcome back

Status regarding how we start the year

Dear Bioscience,

Happy New Year to all of you! Even though it has not been as usual for most of us, I hope you have all had some fantastic days over Christmas, and likewise that you joined the new year in a good way. We cross our fingers that 2021 will be a really good year – hopefully, the year where we return to a more normal life. Fortunately, there light by the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, 2021 starts out in a much similar way as the ending of 2020 . The sad development up to Christmas in the pandemic has meant, that the government, based on advises from Danish health authorities, has prolonged the close down of Denmark up to 17. January. We were probably all looking forward to meet our colleagues and to face various exciting work challenges. The situation means that this will, at first, be with outset in home based working for most of us. However, we continue with physical presence in relation to critical functions. What is defined as a the critical function remains the same as before Christmas, which means that most of us will continue to work from home. However, we need all to be flexible and, whether this will be from home or from work, to strive towards keeping activities going in the Department. You have performed extraordinary in 2020, and in a fantastic way managed to keep an impressive part of the departments activities going. Unfortunately, we have to ask you to hang in for a little longer in the same way.

The close down of elementary schools also for the youngest will mean that some of you will be challenged with respect to coming to work and perform critical functions. We acknowledge your great flexibility and will to find solutions, and we hope that most of you will find ways to solve these challenges. In the case where this is not possible, you are requested to contact your head of section and discuss how this can be handled.

Many of you will still be able to maintain most of your functions from home. We will still have virtual campus and sections meeting, and I assume that many virtual project meeting will also take place; otherwise I will encourage you to consider this (not meeting just for having meetings, but in those cases where this makes sense, and where a status may be useful).

There will of course be some of you for which work functions cannot be undertaken from home, and where you are not expected to meet at work to maintain critical functions. In these case, the starting point is still that excess flex hours are to be used, and you are encouraged to consider using transferred vacation. It will be fully okay to build up a smaller minus of the flex account, but then you are requested to contact your head of section and make a specific agreement.

I cross my fingers that we will soon meet physically at the fantastic work place you are all contributing to making Bioscience into.

Best wishes

Ole Hertel