Good advice and ideas for handling the corona era

This document is intended as an idea catalogue for things you can do during the corona era to improve the physical and psychological work environment as well as your well-being. The document originates from the extraordinary Local Liaison Committee meeting in BIOS on 15 January 2021 and is a combination of experiences from BIOS and proposals issued by various work environment and employee organisations. Use what you can!

  • ' Ad hoc meetings ' will be organised so that employees can talk about the situation
  • The Corona situation will be discussed at each section meeting
  • A number of sections hold online social meetings, e.g. breakfast on Fridays
  • Make sure to take breaks during the work day
  • Take more breaks together. Are informal breaks a good idea, during which we might meet virtually or go for a walk? Such informal 'meetings ' could be added to the calendar
  • Grab the phone. Phone calls can be a good supplement to emails. They can provide a nice break, we avoid misunderstandings and they may even bring a smile to your face
  • Some sections have begun to convene the meetings 15 minutes ahead of time. This means that if a meeting is set to start at 11.00, then you can log on at 10.45. In this way, everyone who wants to sit and chat before the actual meeting gets started can do so. Thus, a bit of the casual chat that usually takes place at physical meetings can take place. Somehow, this works better than chatting casually after the meeting, and it is already planned in your calendar, so quite a lot of people ' show up '
  • Hold virtual "breakfast meetings" and divide people into groups of 4-6 people, so that you can talk in slightly different groups than you would normally do
  • Take the initiative to arrange virtual social events, e.g. Friday bar, bingo, joint gymnastics, beer tasting
  • Managers can call and talk to employees who have small children who are sent home, so that individual solutions can be found
  • Remember to continue to reach out to each other both professionally and socially – as a colleague and as a person.  Use the phone instead of an email if possible, as it usually creates more contact. Pay special attention to colleagues on the fringes of the work community. It is particularly important to reach out to them. Everyone should feel that they are part of a community
  • For example, share fun experiences from your everyday life in short email threads, arrange joint digital coffee breaks or go for a walk (maintaining social distance) with one or two colleagues once in a while
  • As a manager, remember to continue to work with methods that strengthen a trusting and respectful relationship with the employees – even if it has to be done at a distance. This makes it easier for employees to be open about any job satisfaction issues related to their work
  • Establish boundaries that help you separate your work from your private life. Go for a walk or a bike ride before you start your day’s work and when you end it, or 'clear ' your workstation at home when your working day is over, e.g. if you have been sitting at your dining table
  • Some people find that everyday life during corona can be trivial or boring. Often, it does not take a lot of variation or disruption to have something to look forward to. Look for digital lectures, courses or online concerts
  • If your mood is affected by the crisis, it may also be a good idea to turn down the news flow
  • Maintain your routines in relation to work, exercise and eating habits. Routines create calmness, recognisability and elevate the sense of predictability

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