Fake Telephone Calls Danish from Immigration (SIRI)

Please note never to transfer money or give personal information to Danish immigration (SIRI) by phone or by private email. If you get a telephone call or a private email from someone claiming to be from SIRI and he/she asks you to transfer money and give your personal information in order to have your current work and residence permit revised or extended, it is fraud.

Immigration (SIRI) will never call you on the phone or send you a private email in such a case. Instead, you will receive a letter in your Danish digital mailbox/e-Boks. 

If you are in doubt whether the call or email is fake or not, please contact SIRI to ask whether you should do something, and we recommend you to contact the Danish police as well.

We inform you about this, because we have heard of an international researcher at AU, who received such a call or email, so we wish to ask you to be aware.