Eliteforsk Travel Grant awarded to Ane Pastor Rollan at Bioscience

Eliteforsk travel grants are awarded to very talented PhD students, allowing them travel abroad and improve their skills in the best research environments in the world.

Photo: Ekaterina Yaltykova

Spanish Ane Pastor Rollan from Department of Bioscience – Applied Marine Ecology and Modelling in Roskilde is among the 15 PhD students who this year receive an EliteForsk Travel Grant from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The prize will be presented on 10 August.

In her PhD project, Ane combines knowledge of the physiology, distribution and spread of marine species using advanced 3D Agent-Based Models (ABMs) compared to genetic data for key marine species such as mussels and eelgrass.

Ane says that the travel grant will give her the opportunity to establish collaboration with the National Research Council in Spain (CSIC) and Deakin University in Australia. Stays at both CSIC and Deakin University with some of Spain’s and Australia’s best researchers in marine biology will be the focus of further development of methods and understanding of the underlying mechanisms behind the interaction of species and populations in different types of ecosystems.

Congratulations to Ane Pastor Rollan.


Read more here: the Ministry of Higher Education and Science website