BREXIT – important issues concerning British citizens staying in and coming to Denmark

  • British citizens residing in Denmark up to Brexit are allowed to stay in Denmark after Brexit without problems.
  • British citizens residing in Denmark up to Brexit, who have not yet applied for – or have lost – their EU residence certificate, are encouraged to apply or reapply for the certificate as soon as possible. You can apply or reapply for the residence certificate after Brexit, but please be aware that the Danish authorities might require extra documentation that you in fact entered and took up residence in Denmark before Brexit.
  • If Aarhus University employs a British citizen or allows them to come here as guest researchers or guest PhD-students for a shorter period, they are regarded as non-EU citizens. This means that a work and residence permit is required before entering Denmark, like for all other non-EU citizens. Please note that the case handling and processing time when applying for such permits are longer than for EU citizens.
  • If the stay in Denmark is less than 3 months, it is not quite clear, whether British citizens are exempt from visa requirements or if a visa is required before entering Denmark. We hope – and expect – that British citizens will be exempt from visa requirements.
  • If British citizens residing in Denmark want to travel outside Denmark (vacation or other types of travelling) after Brexit, it is important to bring the EU residence certificate while travelling. Bringing the residence certificate enables you to prove that you have the right to enter/reenter Denmark and that you are legally residing in Denmark according to EU regulations.
  • If British citizens give up their residence/address in Denmark and take up residence outside Denmark, the right to reenter/return to Denmark according to EU regulations will no longer apply. In that case, a work and residence permit must be applied for and granted before you can enter/return to Denmark again.

Please refer to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website for more detailed and always updated information.