AU-Roskilde buildings

Here is the plan for our renovation of buildings and relocation at AU Roskilde

We have now adopted a plan for the placement of units and sections in our buildings in Risø as a result of the closure of the Pavilion and the continued renovation of the main building's wings A, B, C and I. It has been important for us to find a solution, which meets the best possible work environment and at the same time supports an efficient and smooth renovation process. We do not have a solution model with a final plan because things change quickly and the needs will be different at the end of the renovation process.

Here and now the following will happen: The canteen and the premises on the 1st floor of the rotunda will be renovated into meeting rooms. Common kitchen facility in the canteen is still available. The meeting rooms C 2:00 and A2:36 will be converted into offices. Local breakfast rooms are preserved. IT, ØK, HR and DCE move together on the 1st floor in the A-wing - thereby creating vacant offices in the ground floor of the A-wing and space for a meeting center on the 1st floor in the rotunda. ENVS creates additional space in the ground floor in the C-wing, so that ECOS gets premises in the A- and C-wing in the ground floor. The more detailed plan for the relocation will be announced by the relevant managements.

During the various stages of the renovation, changing relocations must of course be expected, while painting work, laboratory renovation etc. performed. Building 124 will be retained as a swingspace during the renovation period, while rent of building 111 and the small attached pavilion will be terminated ASAP.

When the renovation enters its final phase - presumably in 2025 - the location of units and sections will be evaluated with a view to finding a solution that meets the best possible scientific context.

Yours sincerely

Ole, Carsten, Niels and Hanne