Arrangements at Aurora

Due to the risk of spread of the coronavirus, the below measures are introduced regarding RV Aurora.

  • All public events are cancelled for the time being
  • Only the absolutely necessary persons must be on board the vessel
  • The rules of the vessel to minimise the spread of the coronavirus on board must be followed – ask the crew if you are in doubt about the rules
  • Students: Educational expeditions will be undertaken as planned – please follow the instructions on your email
  • If you have any symptoms that could mean you have the coronavirus, you must immediately contact your own doctor by phone and follow his or her instructions
  • If you have had or are in close contact with someone who has a coronavirus infection, you must also contact your own doctor by telephone and follow his or her recommendations
  • Do not board the Aurora if there is the least bit of doubt.


Kind regards
Torben Vang
Captain RV Aurora & cand.scient

Aarhus University

Tel +45 2778 2830